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Misunderstanding one morning cigarette spiritual good day
Here are some “heavy smoker” sense of self in the morning they wake up a cigarette also are called “early smoke refreshing” If you do not smoke a cigarette in the morning even feel at a loss on the first thing to do one thing less fuel like especially heavy smokers who have not often take the blanket off the bed could not wait to puff up and opened his sleepy eyes smoking a cigarette after the night of metabolism in blood nicotine concentration down “make up” for those who come. ” smoker “is the spirit can indeed” lifted “everyone knows after a night in the room air is not circulating very dirty mingled with cigarette smoke has been re-sucked into the lungs; additional fasting smoke fumes can irritate the bronchial secretion of liquid over time lead to chronic bronchitis folk proverb “Early morning smoking owned West” has sounded the alarm for the people, although some say exaggerated, but to some extent, may also explain the dangers of smoking and the severity of the morningBuy cigarettes online in our cheap online cigarettes wholesale store.

The second misunderstanding cigarette after a meal is better than life
This is a very harmful smokers more misleading meal blood circulation increased nicotine is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream in people feeling excited state head smug as “smokers” who described “fairy” is actually the same meal smoking a cigarette than usual ten teams suck the poison of larger meal because the body heat surge that smoking causes protein-based secretion and bicarbonate suppressed hinder food digestion and absorption of nutrients back to the stomach and duodenum with cause direct damage the gastrointestinal function disorders of bile secretion easily cause abdominal pain and other symptoms and the body’s digestion and absorption of food with active cigarette smoke also enhanced absorption sucked into harmful substances also say that after a meal may increase the harmful effects of smoking boundless.Our Online Cigarettes Store offers Marlboro and Newport cigarettes wholesale service.

Misunderstanding of the three friends drinking smoking
Many people like to get together with friends to drink Smoking believe there must be a good smoke wine makes a good atmosphere so that both are indispensable drink more lit a cigarette seems to savor the music, but you can place a lot of alcohol together may not know Enjoy more than cigarettes online a single drink or smoke poisoning because alcohol will dissolve the tar in tobacco carcinogens cause transferred to the cell membrane The data shows that 70% of oral cancer associated with smoking and drinking pronged associated with tobacco and alcohol were the most serious cause liver metabolism work simply newport cigarettes and clear of alcohol and tobacco is difficult to take into account other causes of toxic substances in the human body to stay several hours or even days to increase the extent of the dangers of tobacco smoke on the body and therefore is essentially drinking joke with health and life

Misunderstanding of the four two will go to the marlboro cigarettes toilet smoking area
This folklore for a long time and because of the popular proverb poisoning was more Marlboro Gold Cigarettes widely considered by many to have the toilet odor fact that smoking can dilute some of the toilet ammonia concentration to high oxygen content is relatively low and tobacco is lower than elsewhere will produce more sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, oxygen status within the toilet along with toxic gases and a large number of pathogenic bacteria are inhaled into the lungs harmful to human health or suffering from coronary artery disease in patients with chronic bronchitis smoking can lead to angina toilet myocardial infarction or acute exacerbation of bronchitis


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